Professional stone and tile care solutions


Professional stone and tile care solutions

Gchem is a consolidated reality with multi years of experience within the market of tile and stonecare solutions for all stone and hard floor surfaces, with a specific target for the maintenance, restoration and protection of all stone surfaces. With a complete and verified product line to solve all problematic situations, Gchem refers to the professional market and to the end users offering simple, easy to use solutions which can be used in all phases on your project, floor or within the stone industry.

Maximum respect of your surfaces – WIDE RANGE OF SOLUTIONS

Thanks to GCHEM, you can say no more to surface staining and to difficult dirt and grime removal from marble, terracotta and granite surfaces. Our company, based in Bergamo offers a wide range of products and specific treatments targeted into the various phases of stone care such as; floor maintenance, cleaning, protection, waxes and cleaning solutions which when used on your surfaces will maintain their natural beauty and characteristics over time. With Gchem products, eliminating rust or cleaning delicate floors now becomes an immediate and easy operation. Every product line will offer proven solutions with excellent results.


It is now possible to protect any type of hard stone surface with GCHEM products; natural stones, marbles, granites, terracotta, terrazzo, agglomerates and all masonry surfaces. In every situation our formulations act effectively without modifying the natural appearance of the stone. Our solutions are not just limited to cleaning or protecting the surface, but they also polish, consolidate and avoid complete water absorption. In other words, surfaces treated with GCHEM are not just better looking, but are easier maintained saving time and money

A product range in continous evolution – RESEARCH AND QUALITY

GCHEM offers our client base, a tested and verified product line specific for your needs and requirements. Our product research follows market evolutions and all new materials used by the professional stone mason, architect and applicator, but also looking at the final end user with simple solutions. Our collaboration with various producers and professionals within the market allows us to always guarantee a quality based product together with a complete technical and onsite support.
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